HighTech Ventures is a technology development and holding company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a team of experts in each of our respective fields who partner with entrepreneurs in the early startup phase in order to connect businesses with venture capital and productize ideas. HighTech Ventures was founded by John Bales with a mission to champion distinctive ideas into profitable assets.

We have vast experience guiding and pushing startups from the very beginning; helping entrepreneurs navigate the often confusing process of launching their own business and strategically planning for the future. Continually working with industry experts to push what is possible in the field of technology, we are able to produce dominant businesses on an accelerated timeline in a way that ensures market adoption, scalability, profitability, and longevity.

Market Adoption

Growth cannot occur unless your company is known in the market place. Allow HighTech Ventures’ multi-faceted network of marketing experts to bring the five stages of the consumer adoption process to fruition.

Relationship Building

Building relationships is about your ability to identify and initiate working relationships and to develop and maintain them in a way that is of mutual benefit to both yourself and the other party. Good relationships are the key to getting things done and are essential when your success is dependent on others.

Mentoring & Advisement

Entrepreneurs receive guidance from in-house experts to navigate the often confusing process of starting their own business, empowering them to focus on their vision for the company rather than getting lost in the details of execution.

Business Development

The path to market is not always easy. Our in-house mentors will guide you in developing traction, building upon your idea and scaling your business with a focus on successful exit.


Organizational structure and strategic planning prevents a company from falling apart as it undergoes changes that are essential for growth. Our approach is designed to help you navigate areas such as legal business structure, proper licensing and protection, fundraising and management recruiting, for a confident position moving forward.

Capital Introduction

High-potential startups require strategic rounds of funding making it possible to overcome initial barriers to launch, while also being mindful of maximizing the companies’ valuation for the highest rate of return upon exit.


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