Mark Pratt CEO


For over 33 years Mark as been a significant leader and mentor in the parking industry.

​Mark has served in senior management positions with the largest parking companies in the US prior to taking the helm at Denison Parking of Indianapolis where he grew the company 300% and branched into a number of new cities.

Recognizing automation was soon coming to the parking industry Mark filed patents for 2-way audio/video communication in the year 2000, allowing for customer service in a highly automated parking environment. Please visit for a better understanding of this process. Today Parker remotely monitors hundreds of parking facilities using the 2-way audio/video process that was envisioned by Mark many years ago.

Mark also performed underwriting services for GE Capital where valued assets based on structural assessment, local parking market analysis for long-term stability, equipment/technology assessments, pro forma generation and go/no-go decision making. During his time with GEC, Mark’s underwriting led to the purchase of $150M in parking facilities.

Finally, Mark is a highly active member of the National Parking Association (NPA) where he chairs the Research Committee, which is currently studying the impact of ADV’s (Autonomous Driverless Vehicles) on the future of parking.


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